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Coming from a Kumbhak Lineage and graced by AadiGuru Swami has dedicated his life into research of human mechanism and the way it gets impacted.​

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Swami Raj Vibhu

Born to a lower middle class family in Bhagalpur (Bihar). Father being an Airmen in IAF gave an opportunity to stay at different places across India. A child who has constantly experimented with the mechanics of life. He was a sports person throughout his childhood.

While preparing to get into Ranji Trophy, he met with an accident in his 9th standard which ruined his right eye and

the lens was removed. He, being completely focused on sports, couldn't accept this incident for 3 years and always wondered why it happened. This took him to a state where he started wondering what this life is all about. Completed his 10 and 10+2 from KV School in Delhi.

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Graduation in Science from Delhi but this question about life became such a burning question that he almost sacrificed everything to find an answer. He went to many masters but was impatient to stay for long as he could not find the direction he wanted. He became almost hopeless after 25 years of struggle. This hopeless state created a base for his first taste of the beyond and that changed his life completely. Sports was in his blood by birth and an accident pushed him to the edge of life. The only thing that would satisfy him is the answer to why he exists, not intellectual but experiential. He did his post-graduation in TQM from Sikkim Manipal through distance education while working as a Pharma representative, but his heart and soul were solving the puzzle of life.

This was his second birth and henceforth he started expressing himself and doing a lot of projects around sharing his knowledge for the benefit of the common man.

From providing cure to Chronic Ailment, Mental Health, De-addiction, Core Capability Enhancement, establishing the missing aspect in education.

Basically, discovering and implementing tools and techniques of empowerment to mankind. Working on the revival and exploration of: Kumbhak Therapy (Ayurveda’s most powerful tool), Samyukti Kala (art of Yoga), Vyana Kala (the precursor to martial arts, wrestling, dance), Yoga Upanishads, Ras Vigyan (Pashan Ras Vaidya), Diagnosis like Prana Shakti Diagnosis, Sapta Dhatu Diagnosis, Marma Vigyan, Fertility, Garbh Sanskar, Sanskara vijayan, Deva Vigyan and many many more.

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Had an opportunity to work with lot many people like Shikhar Dhawan, Unmukt Chand, Deepika Chopra (coach to India Golf team), CEO’s and Who’s Who across Globe, Kiran Bedi (Magsaysay award winner), Sanjay Sharma (Dainik Jagran), Payal Jain (Atelier), Nurit Kurk (Israel based business woman), Amit Gehlot (Ambience Group), Rohit Agarwal (Fine Lines export), Pankaj Krishna (Chrome Data) and many more.

Corporates and Schools

Asian Adventures, Hriman Motors Arlan Pvt Ltd, Unigera Promoters Pvt Ltd, Sankalp India, Cloud N Pvt Ltd, Redbull India and many more. JP Int School, Tagore International School, Manav Sthali, St. Anthony’s School, Sanskriti School.

Kumbhak Yogi’s Purpose of life self explained :

“My only purpose in life is to serve my GURU through serving humans.”

I have chosen the approach of kumbhak to take people out of their Physical Pain called Daihik shool and then address their Daivik and Adhyatmic shool.

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